Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Taxi Drivers

The more we travel, the more we believe all taxi driver must have the crazy driving gene. The general drivers in Singapore are a little wilder than those in Sydney, but they are a lot less agro which is a very nice change. As the general drivers are wild, the taxi drivers are a little further over the edge. Now let's visit Bangkok, general drivers just don't like to drive in a straight line or even in their own lane and we saw a three lane roundabout turn into a five car plus three motorbike lane madhouse roundabout derby. We were happy to be riding in a four wheel drive! So following the theory that taxi drivers are further over the edge than the general drivers, we were happy to survive all our taxi trips without incident or accident! Woohoo, these taxi drivers must have a special sixth sense. One step further out than the taxis are Tuk-tuks. We decided to leave that experience until we had better life insurance. J Travel tip; cars don't stop for pedestrians on pedestrian crossing - run like heck and pray to Budda that you get across safely! One very nice aspect of this madness, drivers in Singapore and Bangkok know how to merge 2 or 3 lanes into 0ne without causing a traffic jam. Australian drivers it’s your turn to learn this skill!

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