Friday, 24 March 2006

100% Juice from Concentrate

I have this habit when eating or drinking of reading the food container labels, there are some interesting details on them, some scary with you think, ooh I’m eating that! One of my favourites from Australia is of a juice tetra box, contents were described as “100% Juice from Concentrate” so if it from concentrate how can it be 100%, in truth the concentrate was 100% juice, however the tetra box only contained about 5% juice the other 95% was sugar & water. Since moving to Singapore I’ve had trouble finding normal tasting milk. Considering the island is quite small and there appears to be no dairy farms, you would assume all milk is imported, and from what I’ve see a lot comes from Australia. Anyhow getting back to my labels story, the so called fresh milk I purchased the other day reads “Made from Fresh Milk”, another reads “Plain Flavoured Milk” not sure what to make of these! Anyhow my search for normal tasting milk continues!

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