Saturday, 20 May 2006

The Getting Bigger Rant and Other Stuff

It was a big day for Isabella; we picked up her citizenship certificate. It reads ‘Rip Snorter, you’re now a true blue Aussie, fair suck of the sauce bottle’ well maybe it doesn’t but if it did that would make for interesting reading for people taking up Australian citizenship. We applied for her Passport, mmmm, which created a little running around for all. The passport people didn’t like our first picture, something about fuzzy around the edges and the didn’t fit their head positioning standards, to which I remarked, she is a little fuzzy around the edges, it’s only fine baby hair, as for the positioning, well her head is a little bent so it not going to fit into your oval shaped template until her head recovers from being squished in the womb. Anyhow I was given my marching order to go to a particular photo developing place up the road and they would take a new photo to suit the Australian standard. Time is against us so we wander on down to this photo place, do you know how hard it is to wake up a deeply sleeping baby without upsetting them, if so please share this knowledge with me. Anyhow she's now awake after only about an hours sleep, eyes open (as required), mouth open (as required for screaming), it was a struggle to get this dang photo, square on showing both ears, shoulders & neck, eyes open, mouth closed. I think the eyes open and mouth closed at the same time was the hardest task. The picture looks very much like my original photo except the eyes are stunned mullet open and the lips tightly closed, Isabella recovered OK from the whole experience.

More big news for the day, her umbilical cord came off this morning and all looks good. It was suggested we should keep the crusty bit of shrivelled dried out human skin pipe thing, not sure why, maybe I should Google it.

The best news for today comes from our doctors visit, little Bella has gained half a kilogram; she was just under 3kg when leaving hospital and approximately 3.5kg today. So she is eating well and growing, just what we wanted to hear, the doctor thought her foot, head and neck were getting better, it just takes time to sort itself out.

As for my working day, well there wasn’t much of it. I worked hard while I was there (thought I better add that in just in case the boss is the other person that reads my blog). I was talking to one of my colleagues and she wasn’t in a happy mood, so my usual rather incessant sporadic erratic conversations I have with fellow workers was driving her up the wall and she decided to vent how bad her mornings usually are starting with the fact that she has to get up at 5am to get her boy ready for school etc. OK maybe it’s the fact that sleep is not scheduled in my calendar for this week, but I retorted, 5am! I didn’t get to bed until 5:30am and I still managed to beat you into work by half an hour. Needless to say the topic was put to rest and work started again. I’m a people person; I have a special way with them. I think it’s called the sledgehammer personality with a twist of sad humour. Who noticed the oxymoron in this paragraph; mmmm or maybe it’s just the moron writing this long rant.

Good night, I hope you recover well from reading this blog, any psychologists invoices can be sent to Santa Clause, care of the North Pole for payment.

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