Thursday, 27 September 2007

Our Friends Have an Eye Out For the Stork

Here’s a big congratulation to our three sets of friends that have announced they are pregnant and strangely they are all due around the same time, March-April 2008. Damn time flies as you get older, 2008 is almost on our doorstep, what ever happened to 1988, yep, Australia’s bicentennial was nearly twenty years ago. Back to the story at hand, thanks Bud; glad you read my blog after your wedding in June and got straight into your baby makin’ duties, mmmm bad visual, my apologies to other readers. And a special congratulation to the J&J partnership, it’s been a long tough road for you both and you have been in our thoughts and prayers. Finally but of course not least, congratulations to our varsity team with the announcement of their number two. May all run smoothly and your bellies get nicely rounded (the round bellies are optional for the males). Bella tells me she looking forward to having some more friends to play with.

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