Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Lucas is three weeks old

Time has already flown by so fast. He has grown so much in these 3 weeks. He is staring around at the world trying to figure everything out. Grandma thinks he will be an engineer because he seems to be dissecting things with his eyes.
We had a wonderful 3 and a half weeks with Grandma. She left yesterday – we were very sad to see her go. She was a supremely big help and made our lives so much easier in our transition from one baby to two. My sister Andrea has come over to step into the void left by Grandma as Bella’s special playmate - lucky for us.
We celebrated Jason’s birthday last week with cake and a nice dinner. He loves his fish tank and continues to add to the fish community. Isabella is showing the same interest and helps Daddy feed the fish. She also knows all the names of the fish. Very impressive!!

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