Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Taxis - Modern Nostalgia

Not having a car here we find ourselves quite often travelling in trains, buses, taxis & shanks’ pony. I know I’ve harped on about taxis before, however this time I’m playing nice. This is for people that remember 1970’s & 1980’s cars that are no longer available in Australia. The majority of taxis in Singapore are newish Toyota Crown Comfort’s; by newish I mean less than 10 years old (something to do with Singaporean law). The next most common would be the Nissan Cedric (the car not the band from Roy & HG’s show). Rounding out the taxi list would be prestige cars, mostly Mercedes. The prestige cars are of course very nice to travel in and you pay for it. The newer Crown’s are also comfy thus the name ‘Comfort’; however most of the Cedric’s I’ve been in are older and thus fall into last place on my comfy this. So where am I going with this story, well nowhere really its just a little ‘modern’ nostalgia. I think when Toyota started selling the Avalon in Australia they would have been off better selling the Crown instead. Thank You and Good Night, I’ll take my two cents worth and nick off.

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