Friday, 2 June 2006

Knee Defenders & Tazers - What Fun!

I was reading SMH this morning and I found and interesting article on airplane Seat etiquette & head space, as I’m not the shortest stump in the field, I usually find that either my feet or head sticks out. When flying cattle class (a.k.a. economy) as I usually do! I join the ranks of the bruised knee traveller. And I usually upset the person sitting in front of me trying with much force to get their seat to recline, oddly enough they don’t cotton on to the fact my screams of pain from knee caps being crushed coincide with them ramming the seat back. Maybe I should consider turning my verbal pain release into a physical one and donk them on the head every time they try to put me in a wheelchair. I’m thinking the twenty odd dollars for the Knee Defender is much cheaper than knee replacement surgery.

The little screamer has been up to her usual tricks last night and today, we figure it must be a growth spurt as she seems to be hungry more often. We booked our flight to Australia yesterday, so will be there in late June early July to show off the little screamer, p.s. remember to bring your earplugs. She’ll be about two months old at that stage; hopefully we’ll have a better grip of the parent role and understanding of her screaming motives. We can always dream!

It’s a nice sunny day here in Singapore so I decided to go for a walk at lunch time, there’s The 16th Annual PC Show (expo) on at the convention centre about a mile away, it not just PC’s, it’s many things geeky. I wanted to check out the portable all-in-one ‘Photo - Movie - MP3 – Radio’ players. There are many nice toys, if only I had the time and money to explore them. My visit was rather short, slap me silly and paint me pink, I should have known better than to go to a techy type expo in Singapore, especially at lunch time, talk about crowds, a cattle prod or tazer would have come in handy for moving around and getting to see products, it would have helped keep the sales people at bay too! I wonder if Isabella has been blessed with my geek gene. I call it blessed Marika may call it cursed.

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