Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Today marked a milestone for Jason in Singapore, he wore long pants for the first time. This was not because it was cold, but because we were going out to dinner. However it has been raining hard for three days now and is properly the coldest it’s been, I think it may have reached as low as 23C. Pull out the woollens, winter is here! We had a nice dinner at a sailing club on the eastern end of the island, right at the end of the airport runway. We watched a few 747-400’s, 737’s and some Airbuses land; dinner conversation had to pause when planes came into land! We had a quick walk through Chinatown; it’s all decked out with lights and paraphernalia in readiness for the Chinese New Year on the 29th January. It’s the year of the Dog, good bye year of the chook, well Rooster. We watched fireworks from our apartment last Saturday night which we later found out signified the lighting up of Chinatown. Chinese New Year celebrations run for 15 days, but here they start 3 weeks early! So the Chinese really know how to celebrate the arrival of a new year!

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