Monday 25 December 2006

Merry Christmas for 2006

Merry Christmas

I hope your day is full of happiness, peace, sharing, family and friends. We know Isabella is keen for today, her first Christmas, so she can finally get her hands (and mouth) on all those brightly covered packages under the tree, yes I think she just wants to eat the wrapping paper.

Jason, Marika & Isabella

Saturday 23 December 2006

Christening and Long Winded Stuff

It’s been nearly a month since out last blog, yep that long you’ve had to go without our words of wisdom, or is that Dom of our Wis Words, err whatever I hear you say. If you plan on reading this blog please go and put the kettle on, you may need the coffee injection to stay awake, cause I’ve got that feeling the fingers are going to be running across the keyboard for quite a while on the blab, well maybe limping slowing across the keyboard in an ad-hoc fashion requiring the aid of both spellchecker and the backspace key. Life has been busy (my excuse for not bloging for the past month). Logic is needed in writing this blog, something that seems to go out the window at Christmas time; I guess that’s why some call it the silly season, so how about we go from oldest to newest news.

It’s December, just is case you were not sure. It’s winter time in Singapore and the rest of the Northern hemisphere. Yes it is winter time in Singapore, you can tell that because the average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius, not 33 that you get during summer. I’m guessing the shopping centres are a hive of activity with Christmas on the doorstep, not that we can tell as we are in Australia at the moment. Oh yes Isabella second trip to Oz, this time for her Christening last Sunday (17th Dec 06) and of course Christmas with the families.

We Christened Isabella Greek Orthodox in Sydney. I’m getting use to the Orthodox version of christenings but I think some of my friends and family were a little surprised. Preparing for an Orthodox christening was like planning for a large wedding except there is only one guest of honour and they usually don’t care for what is going on around them as long as somebody feeds them then lets them sleep it off, and maybe repeat as these events can go for half the day and into the evening. Anyhow Isabella survived OK, some tears were shed, Isabella even cried a little. She received many nice gifts (thank you all); sadly most will need to say in Oz for now, our luggage limit is going to be so abused as it is, I’m a little worried what Christmas might bring for her and our luggage limit.

We are adjusting to Sydney weather again, mostly cold at the moment, that is below 30 degrees with low humidity i.e. less than dripping sweating like I just hoped out of the bath. Bella had her first bath, well first bath in a full sized bathtub, I was happy about that as she was getting too heavy to hold. Yesterday she met and had her picture taken with Santa, along with four of her cousins, she hadn’t slept much so the expression ‘not happy Jan’ summed up her feeling. She was good with Santa; she just didn’t want to be held by anybody but daddy. She has been clingy to both Marika and myself this trip, so different to how she is in Singapore. I guess Singapore is her element and she is comfortable there.

I guess I should finish up there, I’m sure you are happy I’ve only given you the short version of events for the past month.