Friday 14 November 2008

New Photo Galleries

It’s been a while since I last updated our website, so over the last few days I’ve slapped my lazy butt into gear and added a few new galleries of the kids, well two so far. One on Lucas’ first month and one on Isabella aged between 18 & 24 months. My plan is to sort through Lucas’ 2 to 6 months photos and hopefully create a new gallery sometime next week and if I can keep the momentum going I’ll start on Isabella’s aged two gallery, but I wouldn’t hold your breath as the kids seem to have the ability to make my spare time disappear.

Saturday 1 November 2008

Another Month Bites The Dust

Well we’ve reached the end of another month without tapping out a Blog, oh bugger, that’s life. On a positive note I’ve started to catch up on the naming of photographs, so I might even get an updated picture of the kids up soon (but don’t hold your breath). Spud (aka Lucas) is growing well, he’s quite a lump of a kid these days weighing in at about 9.3kg at 5 months old. Both kids and myself have a bit of a cold so lots of snotty noses in the household and the tissue boxes always seem to be empty. Isabella seems to have a bit of a tissue fetish; thankfully she’s over the joy of unrolling the ‘dunny roll’. For those that haven’t heard that expression, it’s also called TP or toilet paper. The Grandparents are visiting at the moment, taking the children load of us, well some of it. Oh yes it is so nice to have playmates on hand, playmates that sometimes also cook and keep Isabella busy so we can sleep-in, past 6:30am. I remember fondly the last good night’s sleep we had, it was 30th June 2007 and yes we were kids free that night so we were able to sleep in too.