Friday 25 April 2008

ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget

We were awake but alas we weren’t up for the dawn service remembering those that gave their lives. Its good to see that so many are attending these days, I remember back in the 1980’s the only people you would see at ANZAC Day parades and services were military personal, politicians and Scouts, and a few other souls there to pay the respects.

34 weeks only a few to go!

Well here we are 34 weeks and a few more to go. Yes I am HUGE – well that’s how I feel at the moment and yes I am doing the countdown until the birth of our little baby. Isabella will be a big sister but I am not sure she really understands what that means. She knows mummy has a baby in her tummy but I don’t think she realises what that will mean. We have an idea but I don’t think Jason and I are really ready for those sleep deprived days and nights. Luckily Jason’s mum is coming to help us by looking after Bella while I’m in hospital. Isabella is excited that Grandma is coming to be her play buddy. Hopefully Grandma will have lots of energy!! My sister Andrea is then coming so Isabella will have lots of company and playmates.

There are some baby bump and ultrasound picture on the junior two site.

Baby Bonanza Has Arrived

What two blogs in one day, well this is going to be a short one; it’s to wish our friends and family congratulations on the arrival of their babies, yes that’s multiple babies, so far three boys and a girl. First to arrive was Deon in early March, then Maximus in mid March, and Liam at the end of March. Then Madison the first and only girl so far arrived in early April. There will be at least another girl by mid year, but the big question is whether our second child will be a girl to even out the odds or a boy to swing the balance of power. The next baby is due in about four weeks followed by ours a week or so later.

What Another Blog - Isabella's Big Bed

Well I just don’t know how those daily blogger do it, sure I’ve got plenty to say / type but how really can I be bothered uttering all those words, deep down, well not so deep down I’m a rather laconic chap so I guess I find it hard to sprout regular blogs, yeah sometimes I can shoot out three or four in quick succession but then my laconic (or lazy) side kicks in. Well you might be wondering what has prompted this outburst; really you might be surprised to know it was my wife asking when I was going to write another blog, I think she has been asking me every few days. So you could say it’s about damn time I pulled my finger out.

The big news in our little world is last night Isabella slept her first full night in her big bed, at her request. She has been having her afternoon kips in the big bed off and on now for over a month, she has even attempted to sleep overnight in the big bed but alas those attempts have ended in tears or misbehaving. Marika & I were both awake in bed this morning from about 5:30 waiting for our little girl to wake and come running in. She usually wakes around 6 – 6:30 and call for us to retrieve her ‘My Precious’ aka ‘her dummies’ and we can usually get another half hour / hour sleep. 6:30 came and went without any calls, 7am came and went, how strange still sleeping, 7:30 mmmm still sleeping. Marika gets up makes some noise then goes and checks on Isabella again, woohoo she is awake and ready for the day. So not only was it her first full night in the big bed it was also one of the first nights we haven’t had to get up for her (despite the fact we were laying awake in bed for two hours expecting our little girl to burst in. Hopefully she’ll do the same tonight, oh how I’ve missed uninterrupted sleep; such is the life of a parent. Next step is to wean her of those damn dummies, hopefully without all the screaming and screaming induced vomiting of our last few attempts.