Sunday 18 February 2007

Happy Lunar / Chinese New Year

Here's ours little welcome to the Year of the Pig (Boar).

And the good news is we get two days holidays, well really I'm always on holidays :-)

Sunday 11 February 2007

9 Months Old Pictures

Look, I'm 9 Months Old and I'm This Big
For my 3/4 of a Year Birthday
I Read a Book after Breakfast
(Usually I Just Try to Eat the Books)
Look I'm Trying Out My New Highchair

Friday 9 February 2007

¾ of a Year Old Today, AKA 9 Months Old

Well our little daughter is ¾ of a year old today, most people like to call that 9 months old. She is crawling and climbing everywhere. She likes to climb the side of coffee table (so nothing is safe on there anymore), when standing she lets go with one hand then lets go with the other hand, then all of a sudden she realises she can’t stand on her own yet and the floors jumps and hits her in the bottom, thankfully she has extra padding. I have taken some pictures today for uploading but Blogger’s not playing nice for me, so I’ll upload them later.

Thursday 8 February 2007

The Air-Conditioned City No More!

Good Morning Everyone, well OK I know its afternoon, well it is here in lovely Singapore lah. The sun is shining, however the clouds are blocking the rays from reaching terra firma, but I know the sunshine is still out there somewhere above the blanket of clouds. There is a refreshing breeze blowing through the apartment, actually there has been for nearly three weeks. Its dang near a cold spell, that is the temperature is below normal averaging about 27 degree Celsius. We haven’t had any air-conditioning on, Woohoo nearly three whole weeks without air-con, I’m half expecting a visit from the electricity people checking to see if our meters are working correctly. I’m guessing all across the island people are saving electricity and thus money by not needing the comfort of air-conditioning. Oh no! Is Singapore moving away from being the air-conditioned city. I doubt it, the breeze will go and the mid thirties will be back soon, after all winter for the northern hemisphere is soon coming to an end.

Wednesday 7 February 2007

Raspberry Blower

Bella has learnt a new trick - raspberry blowing. She delights in blowing raspberries as she is eating (by eating I mean Bella smearing food all over her face), Jason managed to capture it on video yesterday. Marika got to see it in action this morning as she was feeding her breakfast. While downloading old video footage from our video camera last night we realised that the raspberry blowing is not a new trick. She started doing it at about 5 months old, strangely about the time we started feeding her solid foods, she is much better at it now(eating and raspberry blowing). She has also gotten more comfortable in her new high chair so feeding her, the tray, the seats, and the sides is fun and a great cleaning up experience.

I think she is the fastest crawler in the Singapore and moves at lightning speed to be by your legs in a blink of an eye. We are getting very careful about where we step. Jason keeps talking about attaching a mop head to her belly so she can clean as she goes. I guess she has to earn her keep at some stage. Bella's favourite pastime still seems to be playing with the DVDs. Daddy says no pulls her away then she goes straight back and it starts over again. Great exercise for Jason!

Lucas & Isabella Playing in the Fountain at Vivo CIty

We are looking forward to Chinese New Year in 11 days. Two public holidays in a row so Marika gets to be home. Yeah for holidays! On the weekend we met up with some friends who have twin boys a few months older than Bella, at the new mega mall shopping centre extravaganza called Vivo City (Lovely view of Sentosa Island and the big Merlion. Bella had a splash around the fountain with the boys but I don't think she was too sure about it. We'll try again, maybe when she is walking.
Click on the title for raspberries video.