Monday 8 September 2008


You have to be crazy to go on holidays with a 2 year old and 3 month old. Well we did it last week when the whole family went to Thailand for 5 days. We had a lovely but tiring time. Our sister Nikki and her partner Ralf looked after us in Bangkok for 2 days and then we headed up to Chiang Mai. While there we road tested the Sunday night markets and the Night Bazaar. We shopped till we dropped. We also headed up to Doi Suthep temple and the Elephant camp where we saw elephants kick around a soccer ball and paint pictures. The paintings were actually very good and quite delicate for such large animals. Jason and Isabella got hats popped on their heads and taken off by one of the elephants – lots of fun.
The Thais took a great liking to Isabella and Lucas. They kept trying to touch them. It didn’t seem to matter whether Lucas was fast asleep or not, he got prodded, pinched and groped.

Lucas is three months old

How time has flown by. Lucas is almost 15 weeks old and I have to go back to work next week – egads. That has seriously crept up on me.
Lucas is growing well. He is such a smiley baby who loves to laugh. Isabella just loves her little brother and gives him lots of cuddles and kisses.
We are still waiting for an all night sleep – from both our kids - but I am sure we will get there.