Sunday, 28 July 2019

Friday, 25 August 2017

Another Two Years Later

I'm such the hard core blogger, averaging two years between blogs recently (cough cough, recently and every two years don't seem to mesh). Every time I log into blogger there seem to be changes in polices or procedures, mmmm guess that relates to me only logging on every few years, maybe I'll write two blogs this year, but please don't hold your breath. That said I'm avoiding doing work so I should sign off and get my butt into gear, chat later, most likely in 2019 ! ! !

Thursday, 12 March 2015

We are still alive

Yet again it's been quite a while since our last blog or website update, so recently I've moved  and streamlined our website, that is, cutting out family stuff that was only on there because we were living overseas, I need to sit down and clean some more, maybe even make use of some newer technology, the site is over ten years old now, in technology terms that like horse and buggy verse the modern car, mmmm I think I'm still at the horse and buggy technology level, not in the game at the moment so falling a little behind.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mad Man and House Renovations

Movin’ to the country, mmmm guess not, maybe it’s time to have a major home reno to accommodate our growing active kids, ‘we’ the parents are seeking a kids free / toy free / Lego free zone (and I still like Lego), you know that spot where one can sit down in a quite comfort, we can’t even get quite time on the toilet, mmmm need to install locks! Well if we reno maybe I’ll have something more to blog, but even less time to do it. Anybody know any good Architects in Sydney’s Inner West area. I may need a new job, not only for my sanity but to pay for the renovation. Anybody want to hire a slightly insane person needing new challengers, house trained, relatively tidy, not too smelly, has brain and can use it (slight fried but willing to return form extended vacation). Thinking maybe I should move from IT / IM into woodworking or gardening, start working with my hands in a positive fashion with obvious physical results. What will happen, what will I do, I just don’t know. Maybe I should add to that slightly fried brain comment to include rather scattered.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Joys of Outsourcing

I arrived at work yesterday to find out the other people in my area are sick, woohoo time to surf the internet all day and watch cat video’s, but alas I decided to work, I should have saved all my jobs for today, I’m having trouble finding things to do today, so busy yesterday when there was nobody to see and today looking like I doing nothing when everyone is back at work. Speaking of yesterday’s work, I received a call from the national office, their world was falling apart, what have I done to wreck their server, say what! Breathe slowly and explain to me what’s wrong, p.s. I haven’t touched your server. Okay I’ll logon on and have a look, mmmm, the system services password is not working, something not right here, admin password works, do some investigation, find out the IT contractors have been messing with the system early in the morning, they didn’t know the passwords, so I guess they reset them and created their own, oh really did they, slap them over the head, reset the password so they match the password saved in the services and look everything is now working. This is the problem with outsourcing and spreading your IT across several entities is people have access to mess with thing they should be messing with and don’t understand that their little changes can have big negative impacts, I love my job, repeat three time, mmmm I could repeat a thousand times I don’t think it will help me in my mind space about work, is it too early for a drink, my tea is just not cutting it, maybe I need to change from black to camomile or something that is soothing.

Friday, 1 February 2013

What the heckden - Movin' to the Country

I’m not a very prolific blogger these days, I don’t think about it, I’m easily side tracked by daily life, kids, house life, work and transit don’t leave much down time. Something needs to change, work needs to change, so over my work, need something different as I’m just plotting along doing what’s needed to keeps my work duties under control. Maybe it’s time to stop working for the man and become the man, the big question is what should I be doing. I’m a bit too old for lollies tester plus I don’t think my body could handle of the damn sugar. I don’t have the time or patience to be a gamer anymore, plus the kids would make it had to concentrate, my backs too dodgy to be a bed tester even know I like sleeping when I have the time. I think I want to buy the farm, flee the city and just mosey around on the land, toil the soil and watch the greens grow, maybe some reds and oranges too, what the heck or as my boy says ‘what the heck then’ or maybe it’s just ‘what the heckden’, lets watch all the colours grow except eggplant, I just don’t get eggplant, lovely colours they grow but the taste is just wrong, celery is just nasty too but okay when hidden in soups and stews, bring on winter so we can eat soups and stews again. When we were living in Singapore, also known as the land of endless summer I would ramp-up the air-con so it was cold enough to eat stews without sweating. Heart-warming winter food, you gotta love them.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Working to Make More Work

Do we create job for the sake of creating job, or to give people a chance to work? Why do most of us seem to work in offices, what happened to our outside working lives, we still have farmers, builders, miners etc but there are just so many damn office workers theses days. I work in an office supporting effectively other office workers, and some of those workers are also supporting more office workers in a strange bad cycle. So workers creating work for others but not really producing anything, when I think about it the organisation I work for doesn’t really produce anything, well other then prolonging people’s lives and bring new lives into the world, so actually making the need for more work to be created for all the new and healthy people, so in fact my organisation doesn’t produce anything other then the need to create more jobs for the masses it helps to increase. That’s enough of the ranting of a mad man wishing he was in a blue box.