Wednesday 30 March 2011

Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl

One year ago today and in another country my little family welcomed our newest addition. Miss Kayla, also known as Kaylee Boo and possum among other weird and wonderful names. Over the year she’s grown and learnt much, except how to sleep through the night! She is starting to walk on her own, climb stairs then fall back down them, eat and disperse food all around without assistance, she can unroll a full toilet roll or empty a full jumbo tissue box in less than 37 seconds, and she loves her baths, especially when she can splash like a wild beast drenching both of her older siblings sending them scamping out of the bath for safety, the splashing habit might be my fault, well the result my training her to survive a Greek Orthodox christening, which she did without too much drama. Hopefully the next year will see her communication skills change to quiet talking, walking without the crashes, she's already working out how to safely descend the stairs, usually by standing at the top and calling ‘mumma mumma’ and waiting to be carried down the stairs, sometimes her older brother or sister help or sideswipe her usually resulting in her falling down and tears, thankfully our staircases are only two and three stairs each.

Feeding Myself 'Kayla' Style (Some food even makes it into my mouth)

Thursday 17 March 2011

The Marginal Seat

Where I live its state election time, where we get to choose who will help lead our state, sadly my seat is a marginal seat so the two leading groups are flogging us with their dribble, and the real bad thing is our main choices are Dumb, dumber,  who and what! Let say ‘Dumb’ is our incumbent member for Labor or ‘Keep Verity’ as she is campaigning and her biggest challenger ‘Dumber’ in the Green corner Jamie “Snake Oil Salesman” Parker, but let not forget the dark sheep of this marginal seat sitting in the Blue corner falling in the ‘Who’ category is James “Why Bother Campaigning’ Falk and the ‘What’ category is for all the leftovers who kindly put up the hand that usually only make up a couple of percent of the total votes, god bless them, gotta love the little guys. Anyhow Labour, the Greens and even the little independents are dumping loads of printed material into our letterbox and guarding the entrance to all our local transport stops so you can’t go anywhere without being accosted, I'm tempted to vote for the Liberal guy just because he hasn’t been attacking my letter box or trying to waylay me on my way to work, good way to save our taxpayer dollar by not printing promotional lies, oops campaign material or slowing my daily commute. Thankfully the election will be over in a few weeks and then it will only be a year or so before all their promotional material and signs have been cleared away, I always love seeing my tax dollars wasted, maybe it time we stop the waste and get rid of state politics altogether.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

NEWS FLASH - Blog Name Change

NEWS FLASH . . . We have renamed our blog, no longer is it ‘Notes from a Tiny Island (Nation)’ its now ‘Notes from a Big Brown Land’. And No, the Tiny Island Nation has not had a Big Brown Dump taken on it, we have moved from Singapore back to Australia, and no I don’t believe anyone has taken a big brown dump on Australia either, it’s just that Australia is damn big and usually rather dry, thus usually rather brown.

Monday 14 March 2011

You Say What's FTP, Okay I'll Update to the New Format

Well over a year has passed and I've finally got around to changing my blog to the 'new' required upload format, thus I can post blogs again and boy is there alot I can yak about, but I can't be bottered tonight, Good Night.