Friday 7 March 2008

Some Pictures From Our UK Trip

 Bath – ‘The Rec’
If you look at the sky in this photo you’ll see a bird and a UFO

Marika & the Tardis
Walking up to Edinburgh Castle we stumbled upon the Dr’s Tardis,
Sadly we were unable to find Dr Who
London looking out from the Royal Observatory
Greenwich (Prime Meridian of the World)

Monday 3 March 2008

Pre-School Assimilation Is Complete

Well our little girl has integrated into the pre-school environment, by the end of her third week all the screaming and crying on arrival at pre school had been forgotten. On Friday I even had to call her back as she was running off to class so I could say good bye and give her a kiss and hug. When she first started pre-school she was the one after the hugs, now it’s me, oh how fast they grow up and discard their parents. Thankfully she is still happy to see me when I arrive to pick her up after lunch. I guess she still loves her parents, but pre-school is a much desired activity as she usually asks to go there most mornings and sometimes she even asks to go after her afternoon kip. One down side of pre-school is what she has learnt, the two stick out tricks are squealing (screaming) and poking out her tongue. The tongue poking is okay but the squealing just hurts my ears.