Sunday 26 November 2006

Concert in the Botanic Gardens

We had been talking about going to a concert in the Botanic Gardens for the past year, we even tried once, but the torrential rains forced us to abandon that attempt, we even went as far as taking the bus out there, waiting for half an hour then deciding to head to a drier environment, a Thai dinner at Tanglin Mall with soggy feet. Back to the story at hand, we finally made it to a concert, well kind of, rain and a sleeping Isabella delayed our departure, then the taxi driver had a little trouble, but we were able to help him out. Not sure if he was trying to play us or really had an IQ of two and a half house bricks and was unsure of where the Botanic Gardens were, he knows now, well until he picks up another fare that looks like tourists. Oh how I get sidetracked, when I said we made it, the concert was from 5pm to 7pm, we arrived about 6:30pm and it finished up ten minutes later, at least we saw some and had a nice walk through the misty botanic garden, funnily enough we ended up again at Tanglin Mall for dinner and to check out their Christmas display for this year. Sadly it not as good as last year though they still had the snow, well soapy foam that the kids like to run around in and play. The monthly Tanglin night markets were on, I had heard they were good, I must get my hearing checked. It was a few dozen stalls selling mostly pre loved or hated stuff people no longer wanted. I don’t think I’ll bother going to these market again, well maybe I will if the weather is good and I have another reason to be at Tanglin Mall, maybe the rainy weather kept all the good stalls away.

To top out the markets visit last night we headed out to a new market, the bazaar at Clarke Quay. Yet again we were sadly disappointed, the quality was great, the quantity wasn’t with only about a dozen stalls, in its defence it is only the second time these market have been run, it’s a great spot for a market so hopefully it grows into a success.

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