Friday 26 January 2007

Happy New Year, Oops late again.

Wow, a whole month has passed since our last posting, lazy buggers that we are! Happy New Year! We survived our Aussie trip, yes for Christmas Isabella was spoilt rotten by family and friends, funny thing was she didn’t get any presents from her parents (they were the ones aware of the flight back to Singapore’s baggage limit). Isabella is truly on the move now, over the Christmas New Year period her crawling went from cautious to turbo (sometimes including face plants as her arms can’t keep up with her legs). She is learning how to climb and sometimes gets up on her feet, items on the coffee table are no longer safe, and we are teaching her not to pull out all the DVDs or play in the garbage bins in the bathrooms, alas the 40 odd times a day we tell her not to touch these things doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Although it is becoming a bit of a game with her, she reaches out for the DVD’s, we tell her No, she looks at us, smiles then continues to reach, we say No again, and she looks at us and smiles then continues to reach, the end result is us pulling her away from the DVDs and creating a distraction, sometimes it works other times three seconds later she is back reaching for the DVDs. Yes we know we could move the DVD’s etc but she’ll have learn boundaries at some stage.

We finally got our Christmas 2006 letter out mid last week. Hey we just don’t like to rush these things. Speaking of rushing things we finally purchased a real bed for the spare room. We put off doing this after testing a whole bunch of mattresses and finding my feet hanging over the end, something was wrong with these Singaporean beds, out came the trusty tape measure and what do you know, Singaporean Queen size mattresses are nearly 15 centimetres shorter then the Aussie ones, actually all Singaporean mattresses are shorter. I know many Singaporeans are short, but I’ve seen quite a few that would be taller than 190 centimetres. Yes I know how to rant when I get started. Anyhow we found out that most furniture stores can get longer bed as special orders with special prices to go with them. Luckily we stumbled across a shop with a bed we liked and they stocked the beds in Singaporean short lah length as well are the American longer you-all length (just a fraction shorter than Aussie beds). So for a minimum extra fee we were able to get a bed to suit people taller than six feet and one that our Aussie fitted sheets also matched. So the good news is that we now have a real bed for our guests, mind you the bed is quite big in the little spare room so any dancing will have to take place elsewhere. There are plenty of strays cats around but I don’t think Marika would like me testing the cat swinging ability of the room.

I have so much more to say, but I figured anybody still reading should get a hobby.

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