Thursday 8 February 2007

The Air-Conditioned City No More!

Good Morning Everyone, well OK I know its afternoon, well it is here in lovely Singapore lah. The sun is shining, however the clouds are blocking the rays from reaching terra firma, but I know the sunshine is still out there somewhere above the blanket of clouds. There is a refreshing breeze blowing through the apartment, actually there has been for nearly three weeks. Its dang near a cold spell, that is the temperature is below normal averaging about 27 degree Celsius. We haven’t had any air-conditioning on, Woohoo nearly three whole weeks without air-con, I’m half expecting a visit from the electricity people checking to see if our meters are working correctly. I’m guessing all across the island people are saving electricity and thus money by not needing the comfort of air-conditioning. Oh no! Is Singapore moving away from being the air-conditioned city. I doubt it, the breeze will go and the mid thirties will be back soon, after all winter for the northern hemisphere is soon coming to an end.

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