Friday 2 March 2007

Thought For The Day, All Spammers Should Be Neutered

All spammer, especially those Joe jobbing my domain should be neutered or spayed. Yes my friends there is need for more chlorine in the gene pool. What has prompted this hatred of spammers, well they didn’t bother me when they were sending me my daily dose of want-to-be ham in a can, as spam is so easy to spot it was all gone with the click of the delete button, but now they have over stepped the mark and are sending their spam making out like it is being sent from my domain, yes that right they are using my email domain name as their fake sending email address, so lucky me and my family using my domain name are now blacklisted with most large email filters. So basically I think all spammer should be neutered or spayed, better still taken out in the desert and given an inland taipan to play with, also know as the Fierce snake, which has the most toxic venom of any land species snake. I guess that wouldn’t work, they have such little mouths and are not that aggressive to human, mmmm are spammers human? Let’s make it a brown snake, yes a snake with a bad attitude and the bite with kick to stop these spammers in their tracks.

I was doing some research into Joe jobbing and there appears to be nothing to stop them doing this (except maybe my friend the mighty Brown snake). So people are telling me the spammers will stop after a week or so, here we several months down the track and the damn spammers are still at it! And most of their spam is getting rejected. So where did I put that chlorine? However if the powers that be in the internet world would pull their collective thumbs out of their bums and change the way emails are sent and received to stop this fakeness scourge, billions of people around the would be very thankful, spammer would be traceable (and get to meet Mr Brown snake) and so much bandwidth would be freed up saving time and money. So I ask you, why aren’t these changes made to eliminate spam?

In defence of spam, the real want-to-be ham in a can that you can buy in supermarkets, this was a staple food item when I was a kid, always taken on camping and road trips, aarh but I’ll leave that story for another blog as I think I’ve reached the limit of most peoples blog reading.

P.S. If anyone knows how I can stop these damn spammers drop me a note.

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