Tuesday 15 May 2007

One Year Old (plus 6 days)

As usual of late, I’ve been too lazy to write a blog, but finally I have put fingers to keyboard and a new blog entry is born. That’s enough typing for now can I stop and call this a finished blog (you in the back stop cheering and sit down!)

As usual much has happen since our last entry; top of the list would be our little girl’s first birthday. She had a bit of an international party with her Grandad and Grandma flying in from Australia and her Aunty flying in from Thailand, she even had some birthday guests from our apartment block and on her birthday we even managed to get out and buy her something (we had to after not buying her anything for Christmas; well I guess she did get a trip to Australia at Christmas time). She did get one thing for her birthday that I would like to return (well other than winter clothes she will only be able to where when we visit Australia next month for two weeks) and that was a cold, she has a nasty nasty cough and a runny nose, and lucky us her cough keeps waking and upsetting her when she is sleeping, thus we are suffering from sleep depravation, just like when she was a newborn.

What else shall I tell you, she still only has two teeth, she poohed in the bath the other week, not a pleasant thing to deal with, rewashing her, the bath tub, her toys, towels and ourselves. She topped that off a few days later by peeing on me while I was giving her a shower, this time it was only me and the shower requiring another clean. She has started walking with assistance, usually holding our hands or pushing her highchair, pram or toy walker-thingy around. She is becoming quite the chatty one, taking after her mother. She comes out with some weird words, like ‘six o’clock’ (thanks to playschool or Here’s Humphrey), ‘theia’ (Greek for Aunty), ‘yia yia’ (Greek for Grandma), ‘dad is the greatest’ (well I’m still working on teaching her that one). She seems to be getting taller every day, either that or her arms are getting longer because she can reach more and more things that she shouldn’t be reaching, strangely they are all somehow moving to higher locations, yes the bottom few shelves and cupboards are mostly empty (except for the safe non breakable items).

Grandma and Grandad are enjoying their visit with Bella and she goes looking for them in the morning, even if they aren’t ready for her. My friend Michael dropped by for a few days on his way to China, his second visit and Bella seemed to remember him, she enjoyed playing with the velcro on his sandals.

Well I just about worn the tread of my fingers so I guess I should stop. I’ll try to be a little more active with my blog entries, but then again uni starts up again for me next week so maybe I won’t. Time will tell ‘six o’clock’, OK Bella but it’s only five o’clock.

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