Sunday 14 October 2007

Believe it or Not, More Photos

Yes believe it or not I’m walking on air, Doup! Damn TV sitcom tunes just can’t get them outta my head, and that one relates to a show I haven’t seen in many many years, hang on a sec, I’ll just google the tune to find out what the show was called, something like “Greatest American Hero”, Woohoo the memory is not completely shot (yet), the show was called “The Greatest American Hero” and the theme song was believe it or not, “Believe it or Not” written by Mike Post & Stephen Geyer and performed by Joey Scarbury, all relatively useless information (except if you’re a trivia freak). I found the shows opening including the theme song Believe it or Not on YouTube, even found the lyrics. I guess I must have too much time on my hands, well it is the weekend.

Anyhow back to the believe it or not comment, I’ve managed to add another series of photos to our site, yep I’m striking while the iron is hot, well medium warm. I’ve added photos from Christmas last year, don’t laugh Christmas this year hasn’t arrived yet though I’m guess the decoration will start going up soon. One thing I found amusing when living in the USA was holiday decorations, it seemed like the day after one lot came down the next lot went up. For example now in the states I would assume the stores have Halloween decos up, the day after Halloween they’ll disappear and Thanks Giving stuff will mysteriously appear, then the day after Thanks Giving all those decos will disappear and Christmas stuff will appear, but the elves help put up the Christmas decos so it not too much work for the poor shop staff. Mmmm Christmas lights, oh what fun one can have, get the back-up nuclear PowerStation ready to go! More power will be needed. Yes, Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation is one of my favourite movies, generally only to be consumed at Christmas time. I think I’ve watched it nearly every year since it was released. Yes some may consider me a sad soul.

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