Friday 25 April 2008

34 weeks only a few to go!

Well here we are 34 weeks and a few more to go. Yes I am HUGE – well that’s how I feel at the moment and yes I am doing the countdown until the birth of our little baby. Isabella will be a big sister but I am not sure she really understands what that means. She knows mummy has a baby in her tummy but I don’t think she realises what that will mean. We have an idea but I don’t think Jason and I are really ready for those sleep deprived days and nights. Luckily Jason’s mum is coming to help us by looking after Bella while I’m in hospital. Isabella is excited that Grandma is coming to be her play buddy. Hopefully Grandma will have lots of energy!! My sister Andrea is then coming so Isabella will have lots of company and playmates.

There are some baby bump and ultrasound picture on the junior two site.

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