Thursday 16 July 2009

The Boy Is A Walker

Little Lukie has been walking for a while now, but up until yesterday he had still favoured crawling, not so far to fall I guess! But yesterday and today he has mostly been walking everywhere, even for short trips like a few steps to pick up another toy. Isabella and Lucas were very different in their starting to walk days, Isabella started around 14 months, it was like she decided she wanted to walk and that was that, one evening she just stood-up and walked around the house, none of the building-up a few steps here a few steps there it was just a whole bunch of steps all around the house and she didn’t look back, good bye crawling I’m a walker now! Lucas on the other hand was a few steps here and a few more steps there, and more and more steps walking around the house but he would keep reverting back to crawling. He been walking / crawling like this for nearly two months now, however as I said the past two days now he has been mostly walking so I’m hoping the crawling faze has finished, crawling is so nasty on his clothes, then again Lucas in general is nasty to his clothes, why put food straight into your mouth when you can first squish it through your nice clean shirt, it works just like a sieve. Funny how kids can be very very different but at the same time nearly identical.

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