Tuesday 16 March 2021

It's been a while

 It's funny when you think about how much time we all have spent in our own homes this past year and I still didn't make the time to write a few lines on this blog, I know it dead, but for some reason I just keep adding something every few years.

With all that has been going on the the world there is so much we could be talking about, the dodginess of some, the amazingness of others during this pandemic. Sadly I've been less inclined to visit, or even call friends and family, than again I think I'm really a hermit on the inside and could quite happily live away from civilization, maybe that's why I don't find the lockdowns and limitations resulting from this pandemic a problem, aka, fuel the inter hermit! I get the feeling a lot of people have similar feeling, driving up the desire the flee cities and urban centres for space and a little more self-sufficiency. Gardening and self-sufficiency have been on my mind for long before this past year, unfortunately its been in a fight with my desire to provide my kids with good access to academic education. I know farm / country life brings its own useful educations but a good academic educations should set them up nicely for the future, assuming society goes on, and we don't descend into the world built for prepper and survivalist.

When I read over what I've just written I realise how scattered my thoughts are and that I really should replace the batteries in my keyboard as it keep dropping keystrokes and it's not always that easy to work out what I was meaning to type, maybe I should type this in an app that automatically fixes spelling issues, that again auto correct creates its own set of problems, not to mention the Americanized English that would change my 's's and remove my 'u's etc. And like some of my old lecturers I like to make up my own words, like 'dodginess' or should it be 'dodgyness', not that I was very good in English at school but I'm thinking the rule was the 'y' becomes an 'i' in these situations. And dodginess is a bit of a dodgy word in more ways then one! But I like it.

This post alone is more than I've written in the past 8 years combined, and it's nice to see that my unintentional drive to post every two years is still functioning. Maybe one day I'll tweak it and post every year, more likely it will go the other way and I'll post every 4 years. On that though, good day, evening or night to you.

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