Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Bangkok, Thailand Visit

We have just arrived back from a great long weekend in Thailand, thank you Ning for being our hostess with the mostest and driving us around the Bangkok area and making Jason eat all the Thai food, his belly is still full, mmmm satay… we’ll work at getting some pictures on our site in the next few days. This was more a family visit than tourist trip, but we managed to take about two hundred photos. I love that about digital cameras, you can just keep shooting, never miss a moment. The bugger is now we have to sort through the dang lot of them! Take the good with the bad, and the digital good out weighs the bad in this case.

Speaking of the good and bad, getting through the airport / customs can be good or bad! Our landing in Bangkok was delayed about 30 minutes, its fun flying around and around and around your destination because you can’t land due to an aeroplane traffic jam, then we spent over an hour in line at the customs counter. Leaving Bangkok customs was quicker, it was only about 30 minutes and the customs guy almost hinted he was happy to be alive! Then whack they made us a pay a special going through the customs gate tax kinda thingy. It wasn’t a tax as such; we had already paid Thai taxes with the tickets. We don’t like dodgy you have to pay this or you can’t get on your plane kick-backs. The Thai’s we met were all very friendly (except customs) and there are many wonderful and interesting looking places in Thailand. We would love to go back! Now for Singapore airport / customs, our plane was delayed about 5 minutes landing but we were through customs and in a cab in about 10 minutes, and the customs guy even smiled, though he might have had gas!

The bitter and twisted ones!

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