Friday 13 January 2006

Well after a week of rain, today has been mostly dry; alas Jason has a cold and thinks it best that he doesn’t enter the pool! I’ll have to keep this short; we’re about the pop across the Bangkok for the weekend. It great to be able to say that, kinda like just saying I’m head down to the shop to pick-up a sausage roll, not that we eat sausage rolls very often, come to think of it Marika most likely could eat a shop bought one, with all that butter and milk goodness. Back to Bangkok, it will be great to catch up with Jason’s sister Ning. Nice to have someone who speaks the local language and knows the lay of the land to show us around! And now Jason gets to eat real Thai food, mmmm, green curry, satay, pad thai…

Not sure if it a good idea to fly on Friday 13th!

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