Monday 13 February 2006

Monday Day Three Tokyo Japan

Jason was left to fend for himself today while Marika headed off to work, after all this was really a work trip for her! While Marika worked Jason made his way around the city, learning more about the subway system and realising how bad tourist maps really are, incorrect street names, missing stations, long gone attractions. My first mishap sent me travelling down several roads that didn’t really exist according to the map; however I did come across a great train spotting bridge where I watched local trains and the mighty bullet trains snaking their way through the city. From here I travelled through a few kilometres of Yanaka Cemetery, not that I’m morbid, but the cemetery was very interesting with all the different shrines, temple and neatly manicured trees. I think I took to many photographs here; mmmm maybe I am a little morbid. From here I wandered around Ueno Park past museums, statues, temples and the zoo. Did I mention how bad tourist maps are! Heading along the suggested road from the park towards Nezu-jinja Shrine I found myself in the wrong place, after walking for a while I happened upon my starting point for Yanaka Cemetery. Mmmm, time for a different map, time to pull out the big map, working out which direction I needed to travel I set out using the trusty compass on my watch, half an hour later I’m there, staring at the famous red style Torii gate. It was getting late in the day and I had one more place to visit; Akihabara known as the electrical shopping district. It was getting dark and the place was little up like a Christmas tree, well maybe like Time Square in New York except some of the signs were ofcourse in Japanese characters. After visiting a few shops I realised this is not the place to buy electricals. Lots of choice but the few items I wanted were around double what I would pay in Australia or Singapore. Too many people, too many lights, too expensive and getting too late so I decided to head back to the hotel and see if Marika survived here day at work. She did so we headed out for dinner and more picture pointing food, this time we had restaurant staff that could speak English, funnily enough we still only had water to drink.

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