Saturday, 11 February 2006

Saturday Day One Tokyo Japan

We had a nice cold welcome to Japan, cold temperature that is, just above freezing; the people on the other hand were very welcoming with a warm ‘Konnichi wa’ hello. After reading about how small the hotel rooms are in Japan, we were greeted with a good sized room. We can recommend Capitol Tokyu Hotel to you, the staff were great, spoke English, well Japlish, handy for those who don’t speak Japanese.

As we flew on the Friday night red eye, our Tokyo experience started early Saturday morning, after checking into the hotel we decided to head out for a little walking trip. First we visited the temple right next door to the hotel, then found out the Marika’s work building is also right next door to the hotel, handy three minute walk to work! Lunch was interesting; nobody spoke English so we ordered by pointing at pictures saying ‘ichi dozo’. I later found out that I should have been saying ‘Kudasai’ not dozo for please, (‘ichi is one). Hey, we tried and we were able to order lunch mostly OK, drinks we just had to stay with water. We strolled around the Imperial Palace and then wandered back through the city, Ginza area and headed back to the hotel grabbing dinner at a local Japanese style restaurant, more pointing at pictures to order, more water. Japanese TV commercials are quite funny to watch. It was an early to bed night after a minimal sleep red eye flight here. The bed was king size and comfortable; the pillows were like 20kg bags of concrete mix, bring on the pillow fight, one hit and you're out cold!

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