Sunday, 20 August 2006

100 Posts, Who Would Have Thought I Could Say So Much

Well we have reached 100 postings on our Blog; I guess I’m moving from laconic to loudmouth, then again maybe not! Friday was a sad day for Marika; it was the last day of her maternity leave and that evil thing called work was biting at her mind. For me on the other hand is a different story, Friday was my last day in the office for a while. I was ready to quit work to look after Isabella when my boss remembered there was a way I could work from home for up to six months, so we appealed and received approval from HR for the flexi-place work agreement and thus I’m not in the office but I still have to work, fortunately we were able to reduce my required hours and make them flexible, but alas my pay too was reduced but not so flexible. I think working from home is feasible, I’ve done a little before; my major concern is having the time. I’m thinking my little time waster will chew up the hours with her smile, chatting (some times known as screaming), reading books, going for walks and generally being a baby. Time will tell! I guess we’ll give you updates on how we are all progressing in the near future

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