Friday, 4 August 2006

Baby Thermometer Rant

Again many days have disappeared between blog entries, Little Miss, work and of course sleep, seem to consume most of our free time. Bella is still sick with what we have been calling the Sydney Flu; she is congested and is learning to love the smell of Vicks and other similar products. I think Marika checks on her and freshens up her Vicks every hour during the night, needless to say, but said anyway, she is getting a little run down, it won’t be long before she is stuck in bed with her flu. I look at pictures from her first month and realise how much she has changed and grown. She’s kinda goofy looking now as her head starts to take on normal(ish) shape, causing her ears to stick out, even more so than her dad’s. But she’s still gorgeous to us, hey I like goofy look at her mother! I guess it’ll take a while for me to live down that comment! We finally found a baby bath that thought was suitable, strangely enough it also fitted well with in stinginess at reasonable price of about ten dollars. When I say reasonable I talking in respect to buying babies stuff, if that same baby bath was referred to as a plastic bucket the price would have dropped to about two dollars. You know the story; you walk in the chemist and say I would like to buy a thermometer, sure here’s one for $4.95, then you make the mistake of saying baby thermometer and all of a sudden that thermometer is whipped from your sweaty little hands and with divine force another baby friendly thermometer is thrusted into your hands, this time with the new and improved baby ‘not so friendly’ price of $94.95, doesn’t matter that both thermometer looked the same except the packaging and price. I know thrusted is not a real word, it just sounded better than thrust, lets call it a Jason word. I figure if lecturers can make up words, then so can I, another Jason word I like to use is disbalanced, it just sounds better to me than unbalanced. There you go sitting on your bookshelf you can have your Oxford, Webbers and now the new and always improved Jason’s Dictionary. Considering I spelt dictionary incorrectly at first, maybe I shouldn’t start my own! Spell checker can be handy once in a while.

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