Thursday 5 July 2007

Back In Lah Land, Warm Again

Back in Singapore lah, arrh the welcome warmth of the equator. Last year when we visited family and friends in Sydney during winter we vowed not to visit during the middle of winter again, not that Sydney winter's are really that cold. However one year later we were back in the middle of a Sydney winter, we had no choice, a friend’s wedding vows are more important than our vow not to return in winter, hopefully next year we can avoid winter. Like our last winter trip we all returned with colds, yes that does suck! Strangely on our last three trips to oz we have fallen sick during the last two days before leaving, I guess that’s when we try to slow down and relax before non holiday life returns, that is when we have time to get sick so we do! I have this theory that busy people don’t have the time to get sick, so they don’t! I know my theory is flawed but I can live with that.

We had a great time; alas it was a short trip this time so we didn’t catch up with some family and friends, I was lucky and caught up with most of my friends at a mates wedding. Isabella really enjoyed having all the people around, she was great. We feared the worst as she hasn’t been around large groups of people especially for extended periods of time. She loved playing with her cousins and our friends kids. We think she has been missing her playmates and all the attention; she’s been a little clingy, wanting all our attention since arriving home. On a more positive note she has been taking more steps, she may even start walking soon, well on her feet that is. For the past four months or so she has been walking on her knees, yep, upright with her hands free to hold an item each, usually food and move around, she can even walk backwards and run on her knees, yes quite a funny sight, she likes to be chased, she stops to make sure you are chasing her, then takes off again. This might be a dangerous game once she is quick on her feet.

The wedding was in Newcastle, so we got to see the beached coal ship, quite the strange sight to see such a big ship almost on Nobby’s beach and Nobby’s with no swimmers or sun worshippers, from some angles it looked like a low rise building had been built on the beach, after about three weeks they managed to tow the ship off the beach so now the insane winter swimmers and sun worshippers can return. The exclusion zone around the beached ship was causing all types of hassles, most of the east end was blocked off; the weekend of the wedding was insane trying to get around the city, twenty minutes, not the usual two just trying to get out of the CBD, getting into the CDB looked much worse. Well I’ve rattled on enough, plus my cold is making it hard to keep my eyes open and my fingers tapping.

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