Saturday 21 July 2007

An Eventful Week For Miss Isabella

Well it’s been a big week for our little Miss Bella. It started with the arrival of three teeth, yes more teeth finally, she hasn’t had any cut through since the first two broke through last Christmas, yes she did get her ‘two front teeth’ for Christmas, they were the bottom teeth. Anyhow back to the new teeth, she has one top ‘front and centre cutter’ tooth to match the bottom ones, Woohoo now she can chew on steak! The other teeth are a matching pair; they are top side, right up the back. I’m assuming they are her doggy (canine) teeth, though they seem further back like the molars, time will tell.

The other events are tied together, firstly from a sitting position she stood straight up without any help, she has been standing for some months now, usually by climbing up the side of something like the couch, the table, her daddy’s leg, yes leg hair is really good for gripping, but dang it! It comes out far too easily.

And finally last night she decided, bugger it, to stop mum and dad from telling her to use her feet for walking (her knees were taking a beating from all her knee walking), she just decided to start walking correctly. I’m guessing she’ll be quicker on her feet than her knees in a few days, as it all happened quickly, she went from the occasional few steps between objects like the couch and mummy to walking around the house from the bathroom to the kitchen and back, she has no problem with corners though gravity occasionally kicks in and the nappy shock absorbers get a testing out. Today she has been doing circle work and dancing, I guess she like being on her feet. Oh I guess we have running and falling to deal with now, I’ll try to avoid my instinct to make the whole apartment like one big padded room, though that could be fun.

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