Friday 3 August 2007

Teeth Bonanza

Well in the last three weeks Isabella's slow start to sprouting teeth has changed, her two little front teeth now have seven little friends and maybe an eighth trying to break on through onto the other side. I guess she really wants to eat steak after all! Feed the kid beef, well maybe not here as it's so dang expensive and crappy quality. She might have to wait until we visit family in Australia and maybe for her teeth to get a little bigger. She already has a strong bite, but don't worry my finger will recover in time, so the doctor tells me.

I told you I'd start posting Blogs more regularly, three last month and one already this month and it's only the third day into the month. I've given up on updating the webpage until after I finish my studies for this trimester, it crunch time at the moment, and exams are looming, only a few weeks to go now.
Yes, yes, I'll get around to uploading Bella pictures in the next few years!

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