Monday, 10 September 2007

Third Blog This Month, Gaming / Freak

Well it’s that time of year again where I sit down and write my annual blog, well not quite but I have been rather busy (or is it just lazy) of late to jot down my bloging thoughts. I am starting to think life is always busy with a youngon’. Speaking of Bella, the number ten tooth has really been taking its time cutting through; it’s finally through after something like three weeks. Hopefully happy times will soon be back! As you can see I finally uploaded some new pictures, so actually this is my third blog this month and it’s only the 10th. I do have some space time these days now that I’ve finished my studies for a while; gaming has stepped in to fill the gap! I’m thing Woohoo! Marika’s thinking Oh No! By the way for all those interested I passed my exams, okay mum I know you’re the only one interested, but I’ve gotta bang my own drum once in a while.

I’m thinking about joining the work force again, it much easier to get Bella in a day-care when she reaches 18 months, she turned 16 months yesterday. Not sure what type of work I should look for here, thinking something different is called for, time to broaden my experience; no streetwalking is not what I’m thinking! Maybe I should start an organisation or lobby group to make telemarketing and spamming illegal, I’ve already got the punishment schedule partly worked out, for the first offence, you wake up with a horse’s (or pig’s) head in your bed, second offence, we send some likely lads around to break an arm or leg or maybe even both, third offence something tougher and proactive, Castration! to stops telemarketers and spammers from reproducing in the hope to break the whole nasty cycle, and if they’re dumb enough for a fourth offence, mmmm I shouldn’t say in an online environment where the young and those with weak hearts can read. How does that sound, viable enough as a job? Mmmm maybe not and yes I do have some personal issues to deal with in regards to telemarketers and spammers.

Can anyone suggest a new (PC) game for me to play, maybe Doom 4, where the targets are telemarketers and spammers, Yes! Yes! I know issues to deal with. I’m keen on trying a beta of Starcraft 2 if anyone has it :-)

My spellchecker (aka Marika), just commented that I sound a little sick in regards to spammers, yes I’ve mentioned my dislike of spammer in several blogs over the past few years.

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