Sunday 30 September 2007

No, No, No - Stinky-bum - Number Seven

Is it wrong that we have several nicknames for our daughter, I guess not, however I’m not so sure that it’s good she knows one of her nicknames is ‘Stinky-bum’. She does however live up to her nickname on a regular basis! Her new word this week in ‘No’ and boy does she like to use it, and usually when she is doing something she shouldn’t be doing. She has it down pat, so crystal-clear you are never mistaken as to what she is saying. She’ll start to unroll the toilet paper right in front of us repeating saying ‘No, No, No’ Yes she is so sweet but oh so naughty.
Can you believe it, seven blogs this month, okay two were just posting pictures but we have been a little more regular, mostly thanks to no more study!

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