Friday 1 February 2008

Hello World, We’re Still Alive!

Yes it’s been awhile since our last blog, and we have been very busy and then I became very lazy. We did move a week before Christmas, oh how busy we were. By the way, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Patriotic Australia Day and Happy Chinese New Year (I had to get in early for at least one). We have finally settled in, well we had settling in before Christmas we just hadn’t finished stacking and packing stuff away, but today we did, the last remaining activity was stacking and ordering the bookcase, let me say woohoo it’s done. We have visitors arriving tonight for a few days so we had motivation to finish.

What else has been happening, oh yes the cricket saga. I don’t care if Harbhajan Singh is guilty or not. But as for the Indian cricket hierarchy’s un-sports-person like behaviour, please take your bat and ball and bugger off on your chartered plane and please don’t forget to stow your dodgy attitude in the overhead locker! Maybe it’s time to start watching golf or maybe even the grass growing over the unused cricket pitch.

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