Sunday 17 February 2008

Isabella Starts Preschool – Enter the Moron

Well it’s been a big emotional past week for Isabella, yep she started preschool. She is going half day for now, well a half day is 8.30am to 12:30pm, however she is yet to spend the whole half day, mmmm whole half day, almost an oxymoron. Speaking of morons, since moving to our new apartment we see morons all the time, easy to understand this phenomenon as their church is just up the road. Yes ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ I wonder what happened to the Earlier-Day Saints. Yes I’m a heathen (in your eyes), and you know I like to wear white business shirts and black ties when relaxing around the house, can I get the swanky black name badge. Yes, yes I know that’s not very tolerant of me, but really how many times does one have to be harassed during a busy lunch break by a moron dynamic duo out to covert heathens before snapping and pole driving them into the pavement is considered acceptable. My personal record is being stopped (well attempted to be stopped) four times in one week, this was when I had to cut across Hyde Park to get into the CBD. Talk about game (or just plan stupid) but they would just step in front of me as I powered through the park, unfortunately for them one time their timing was off and there was contact, my hundred plus kilograms at full speed versus their roughly eighty kilograms at negligible speed, I twisted a little on impact and they bounced of me and onto the ground for a short rest. About thirty other people raced past while the duo were out of action. Strangely nobody stopped to help; I guess they are like the lepers of our time. Yet again I digress with my unkind thoughts, as Kamahl would say, ‘why are people so unkind’.

Anyhow Isabella’s week has been hard, I think she must be thinking why are people so unkind, why does daddy leave me here then he just disappears. Well I do say bye and tell her I’ll be back (without the Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent) and the water works kick into high gear, by the end of the week she was starting the water works as soon as we entered the property, stopping when distracted by some of her play friends and starting up again when I say bye. She seems to be happy and having fun when I return. The teachers say she has improved quickly from the first day of crying playing with a ball on her own to fully integrating with the other kids and activities. Thankfully she is still happy to see me when I arrive to collect her. Hopefully the water works / screaming drop-off will cease soon, nobody likes to see a grown man sobbing in the corner. Hopefully this upcoming week she’ll stay the whole half day, best we did this past week was 9 to 12 on Friday, Monday on the other hand was 10 to 11:30, so we are getting better! I think the 8:30 starts aren’t likely as that requires me getting out of bed earlier.

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