Wednesday 4 April 2012

Working to Make More Work

Do we create job for the sake of creating job, or to give people a chance to work? Why do most of us seem to work in offices, what happened to our outside working lives, we still have farmers, builders, miners etc but there are just so many damn office workers theses days. I work in an office supporting effectively other office workers, and some of those workers are also supporting more office workers in a strange bad cycle. So workers creating work for others but not really producing anything, when I think about it the organisation I work for doesn’t really produce anything, well other then prolonging people’s lives and bring new lives into the world, so actually making the need for more work to be created for all the new and healthy people, so in fact my organisation doesn’t produce anything other then the need to create more jobs for the masses it helps to increase. That’s enough of the ranting of a mad man wishing he was in a blue box.

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