Friday 1 February 2013

What the heckden - Movin' to the Country

I’m not a very prolific blogger these days, I don’t think about it, I’m easily side tracked by daily life, kids, house life, work and transit don’t leave much down time. Something needs to change, work needs to change, so over my work, need something different as I’m just plotting along doing what’s needed to keeps my work duties under control. Maybe it’s time to stop working for the man and become the man, the big question is what should I be doing. I’m a bit too old for lollies tester plus I don’t think my body could handle of the damn sugar. I don’t have the time or patience to be a gamer anymore, plus the kids would make it had to concentrate, my backs too dodgy to be a bed tester even know I like sleeping when I have the time. I think I want to buy the farm, flee the city and just mosey around on the land, toil the soil and watch the greens grow, maybe some reds and oranges too, what the heck or as my boy says ‘what the heck then’ or maybe it’s just ‘what the heckden’, lets watch all the colours grow except eggplant, I just don’t get eggplant, lovely colours they grow but the taste is just wrong, celery is just nasty too but okay when hidden in soups and stews, bring on winter so we can eat soups and stews again. When we were living in Singapore, also known as the land of endless summer I would ramp-up the air-con so it was cold enough to eat stews without sweating. Heart-warming winter food, you gotta love them.

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