Wednesday 29 May 2013

Mad Man and House Renovations

Movin’ to the country, mmmm guess not, maybe it’s time to have a major home reno to accommodate our growing active kids, ‘we’ the parents are seeking a kids free / toy free / Lego free zone (and I still like Lego), you know that spot where one can sit down in a quite comfort, we can’t even get quite time on the toilet, mmmm need to install locks! Well if we reno maybe I’ll have something more to blog, but even less time to do it. Anybody know any good Architects in Sydney’s Inner West area. I may need a new job, not only for my sanity but to pay for the renovation. Anybody want to hire a slightly insane person needing new challengers, house trained, relatively tidy, not too smelly, has brain and can use it (slight fried but willing to return form extended vacation). Thinking maybe I should move from IT / IM into woodworking or gardening, start working with my hands in a positive fashion with obvious physical results. What will happen, what will I do, I just don’t know. Maybe I should add to that slightly fried brain comment to include rather scattered.

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