Tuesday 5 February 2013

The Joys of Outsourcing

I arrived at work yesterday to find out the other people in my area are sick, woohoo time to surf the internet all day and watch cat video’s, but alas I decided to work, I should have saved all my jobs for today, I’m having trouble finding things to do today, so busy yesterday when there was nobody to see and today looking like I doing nothing when everyone is back at work. Speaking of yesterday’s work, I received a call from the national office, their world was falling apart, what have I done to wreck their server, say what! Breathe slowly and explain to me what’s wrong, p.s. I haven’t touched your server. Okay I’ll logon on and have a look, mmmm, the system services password is not working, something not right here, admin password works, do some investigation, find out the IT contractors have been messing with the system early in the morning, they didn’t know the passwords, so I guess they reset them and created their own, oh really did they, slap them over the head, reset the password so they match the password saved in the services and look everything is now working. This is the problem with outsourcing and spreading your IT across several entities is people have access to mess with thing they should be messing with and don’t understand that their little changes can have big negative impacts, I love my job, repeat three time, mmmm I could repeat a thousand times I don’t think it will help me in my mind space about work, is it too early for a drink, my tea is just not cutting it, maybe I need to change from black to camomile or something that is soothing.

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