Saturday 22 July 2006

The Congestion Battle Continues

We had a little trip to the doctor’s a few days ago, Bella’s cold seemed to be getting worse and her breathing was really getting laboured. We had been reading about an outbreak of Bronchiolitos in Sydney about the time we left, so our fears were working overtime, thankfully the doctor informed us that her lungs and chest were clear; she basically just has a blocked nose. We were given a decongestant that you shoot up her nose and she’s not overly keen on that idea so it usually involves her testing out her lung capacity, yes she is starting to lose her newborn cry. I miss the newborn cry; it’s almost soothing compared to her cry, and a few decibels lower.

While at the doctor’s we had the usual growth measurements, Isabella is now 58.5cm long and weighing in at 5.4kg, she is getting quite the round belly, just like her daddy. She is completely out of all her 000 clothing and most of her 0-3 months sized clothing is too small, mostly in the length. Some of her 00 & 0-6 months clothing seem a little short, maybe it’s the round belly making the clothing seem shorter.

On a good note she has been sleeping longer, a few nights ago she went to sleep at 8pm and I tried to wake her at around 11:30pm for her usual last feed, she woke up, eye balled me and showed little interest in feeding. I gave up after about half an hour of struggling figuring that there was enough milk spilt on her bib and clothing and my arm. So I changed her and straight back to bed and she sleep through to 7am. Sadly we didn’t get the benefit of her long night’s sleep as we were up to check on her regularly due to her laboured / troubled breathing. She is still struggling with her congestion but we are hopeful the drugs and lovely Singapore humidity will clear her up quickly.

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