Wednesday 5 July 2006

The Lake & Back

We’re back in Sydney after spending a few days up the coast with my folks, sisters and their families. Isabella was freely giving away cuddles to her grandparents, the aunts & uncle also got in on the baby cuddles action. While up there Isabella managed a few six to seven hour night time sleeps, bring on the all night sleeps! We parents were very happy with this new sleeping habit and are encouraging her to experiment more with this longer sleep concept. So now Isabella has meet most of her closest family, it’s time she meets the friends. Our weekend is already heavily booked catching up with friends, hopefully little Miss is up for the challenge. She is getting more smiley everyday so I think she’ll win over the friends like she did family, mind you family have no choice, they have to love her. Isabella has been making fashion statements of late, showing off all her new winter clothes, we have been topping off her fashion prowess by discarding the mitten we purchased in Singapore in favour of her new woolly socks, yes that’s right she is trend setting by wearing socks on her hands, at least her hands stay warm. She’s still not keen on wearing a hat but she’s coming around to the idea. We have plenty of pictures of her rugged up, just like her parents. I’ll upload some pictures later in the week.

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