Thursday, 29 June 2006

Cold Sydney Homecoming

We’re back in Oz, arriving yesterday at 5am into Sydney’s Kingsford Smith. Let me tell you Sydney wasn’t kind to us, the outside temperature was 7 degrees, Marika & I spent the day shivering, even when the temperature reached 18 degrees. Little Bella didn’t know what to make of the change, she struggled with the concept of wearing more than one item of clothing, she now knows what socks, bootees, mittens, hats, long pants, shirts, jumpers and jackets are and that they can all be worn at the same time over her usual Singapore skimpy one piece suit. And yet the cold feeling still creeps in so we wrap her in the thicker wraps then get her big blanket, now she seems warm. Yesterday Bella achieved some milestones, they include her first flight, meeting her grandparents on daddy side (as they so kindly picked us up from the airport) and last night we had a major sleeping break through, yes she slept for nearly six and half hour straight, of late she has only been sleeping three to three an a half hours stints, Marika & I also managed a six hour sleeping stint at the same time.

Bella was very good during the flight; I think she likes the noise. She slept two stints of two to three hours and the rest of the time she was happy in the crib. The only noise was a quiet-ish scream when she was hungry. We were very happy with how well she travelled; I think the big guy upstairs was looking out for us. She was good with all the relos that came by yesterday and today, she happy to play pass the Bella parcel giving away smiles freely to all, also showing some how good she can fart too! We’ll be in Sydney with Marika’s family until Friday arvo then we are heading north to the lake to visit my family, my sister will also be joining us from Hawaii on Friday night. Hopefully the Bywater clan is ready for the influx of guests.

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mælstrøm said...

We were in the air for 12 hours on our trip to India recently and it really messed with his internal clock. We soon valued taking every single opportunity to sleep that we could.