Tuesday 5 September 2006

Crikey Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter taken out by a Stingray

The King of Australian cultural cringe, the ocker in the khaki has met his demise at the hands, well barb, of a Stingray. I think to many Australians his behaviour made them cringe, mainly because he embraced the ocker within while many of us tried to leave it behind in favour of the world’s mono-generous persona, sadly based on that of American TV & movies. To honour his life’s work maybe we all should start using ‘crikey’, it’s a good word, I’ve used it before, I’ve even used it a few times here in Singapore. If we dig deeper perhaps some other lost words will surface, struth I reckon a good ol’ Captain Cook at our past will spotlight some Aussie expressions quicker than a rat up a drain pipe, tomorrow arvo perhaps I should sit down and work on this idea if I’m not flat out like a lizard drinking, fair suck on the sauce bottle this is becoming all to much to handle.

Once you get past the cringe of the lad in khaki, you will realise he has spent much of his life promoting and protecting Australian wildlife and more recently wildlife world wide. His fame overseas has helped him promote this cause to a much larger audience and to promote Australia as a tourist destination. Hopefully his legacy of protecting the interest of wildlife will go on. Being a new dad my thoughts go out to his kids and wife.
Yes I admit while in Singapore I have watched 'the Crocodile Hunter' on the Discovery Channels.

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