Friday 15 September 2006

Random Thoughts for a Rainy Day

Yet again it’s been awhile since our last blog update, life with a little one is usually busy. I was going to say newborn but I assume she is no longer considered a newborn, not sure when they stop being a newborn and move onto being a, mmmm what are they called next, I wouldn’t call her a toddler as she doesn’t toddle yet, maybe its just baby, but to us she not a baby but a little person. No disrespect to short people, hobbits and others that maybe considered vertically challenged. As I can type this blog with Bella on my lap then I should be able to do the same with work, but alas I don’t feel I’m doing enough work. Speaking of Bella and sitting on my lap, it’s just weird when she is sitting there jabbering away the her face starts to go red and grunting sounds begin, oh yes she is poohing on my lap, well hopefully it all stays inside the nappy and doesn’t escape onto my lap. Damn that lightning and instant thunder was just outside the window, made me jump and scared the crap out of Bella; thankfully she had already poohed today, don’t worry she is okay now. It rains regularly in Singapore, but it is usually heavy and quick, over and gone in half an hour or so, but lately it’s been heavy, with big lightning shows and can go for hours, even days. Mmmm, what’s that smell, maybe the lightning & thunder really did scare the crap out of Bella, damn there it goes again, and even the windows are shaking. Maybe I should save this draft blog and shut down the PC for a while.

We’re back, the lightning seems to have finished but the rain is still pouring down. Yes there was movement at the station, little Bella had filled her nappy for the second time in an hour, surprising as she rarely poohs more than once in a day, I know you all wanted to know that! With all this rain we have a leak in the apartment; strangely it’s just below where they have been working on the windows in the apartment above ours this morning, champion workmanship! To be politically correct I guess I should have written workpersonship, but Mr MS Word spellchecker is telling me that this is not a word, doesn’t matter they were both males so workmanship is okay.

Binski the cat that adopted us then had her babies on our bed in the early hours of the morning; well her babies are now one (human) year old, I’m not sure if there are cat years, I vaguely remember that there is an expression of dog years. Her babies are no longer those fluffy little bundles of speed and little claws I remember climbing up my bare legs and across my back, it’s amazing how those little claws could even be felt through my clothing not to mention all the little scratches on my legs, anyhow those little kitten are now fully grown cats and don’t look anything like they use too.

The traffic on the expressway I can see from our apartment is almost a parking lot in both directions due to all the rain, how I don’t miss the commute to work, one of the joys of working from home, let me say that again, I don’t miss the commutes to work, especially the sardine packed train commutes.

Bella got her latest lot of immunisations last Wednesday, tears for a short time then she was okay, unlike last time when she mostly just slept, this time she has been grumpy and not sleeping much. Speaking of sleep its time I put her to bed so I can get some lunch and do a little work (if she sleeps). Our tubby little Bella is now 6.8kg and 63cm long and is now four months old. Anyhow I think I’ve ranted on enough for now, see ya later and enjoy your day!

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