Saturday, 18 March 2006

It's Grown, Now a Proud 109 Centimetres – Star Wars Expo

Well the belly stayed around the 104cm mark for a few weeks, however this week saw some big growth in both baby and belly! Marika has been given the OK to move around a little more but not to over do it. So today we did the long trek out to the Science Centre to see the Star Wars expo, we missed seeing it in Sydney and we almost missed seeing it here. Very enjoyable, I guess it helps being Sci-Fi nuts. I think I was a bit more of the Star Wars nerd with my comments like, ‘look at the funky model of the Mon Calamari cruiser’, ‘ It’s not a lifesaver it’s a lightsabre’ (or lightsaber in US English).

By saying the long trek, I was talking in Singaporean terms. See we live towards the middle of the island which is about 43 km wide, and our long trek was to East Jurong, which coincidentally is on the western side of the island, so we travelled about 20 km. mmmm I have relatives that drive for more than 20 km before the reach the end of their driveway. How are we going to survive travelling when we’re back in Australia?

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