Friday, 31 March 2006

Last Antenatal Class - Suit of Armour Needed

Well we had our final antenatal class tonight, 'Video Night'. Let me tell you antenatal video night brings new meaning to video night. I'm glad I didn't bring the popcorn! I know more about how a baby enters the outside world than any male really wants to know! The two main ways (keeping this PG rated for non knowing male) is the traditional / natural way (drugs optional) and the Roman way. Now the traditional / natural way seems to involve much work & noise. The term 'Noise' can be translated into screaming, yelling, physical & verbal abuse (aimed at the husband and doctors), weird breathing patterns, things breaking (waters etc) and all the pain associated with squeezing a melon through . . . you get the picture. The Roman way also know as the Julius Caesarean Section involves much less work & noise, however I'm told pain and recovery time is much greater after the Roman way. So you may ask yourself, do I want early or late pain! From what the Doc tells us if Junior doesn't turn the kid will be getting an early Latin lesson.

P.S I'm thinking medieval might be my best approach, i.e. does anyone have a full suit of armour for protection that I can borrow?

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