Monday 20 March 2006

Junior's First Wheels

We followed up our day of tripping around yesterday with another shopping outing; this time to a bargain basement baby crap sale at one of the Orchard Rd shopping complexes centres. Baby stuff as far as the eyes could see, mind you I couldn’t see very far, the thought of entering this den of shopping madness caused sweat from fear to run down my face into my eyes, thus when you are rolling around on the floor yelling like Gollum ‘It burns! It burns!’ you really can't see very far at all, plus all the people circling around me and staring kinda blocked the view.

Well after I recovered we entered the den of evil, oops sorry the lovely basement shopping experience and purchased Junior’s first teddy bear and a few other items. After a little more non basement shopping we had lunch and headed back into the den of evil, oops shopping heaven to purchase Junior’s first set of wheels, it was a pram and baby capsule combo, don’t worry I made sure there was a cup holder for my coffee, oh yeah and there’s lots of room for Junior and baby stuff too!

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